another day

Well today is a whole new day. We are off to see Avatar at noon. i hope we make it in this time.
i had my first night sweat last night. oh isn't menopause grand!!!! not really, it is because of the new treatment the doc has me on to see if putting my ovaries to sleep will take away my chronic pain. so far, i am in month two, it doesn't seem to be working. :(
but i am staying positive, not hopeful, but positive, that something will give this year. and really what do i have to complain about. i have a good life.
i am still contemplating on whether to do the LOAD with Lain, Cori-lyn and Alissa. the only thing stopping me is we are on vacation in the middle of febraury and do i really want to haul all my stuff to the hotel? i will think on it this weekend and make a decision this week.
mentioning scrapbooking oh all the new stuff coming out is fantastic. tim holtz and bobunny so far are a must must MUST have!!! i can't wait until the LSS has some of their stuff in. oh wait yes i can. i am on a strict budget til i can get some of these bills paid down. i am even limiting my multiple visits to Starbucks!!!!! yup.. really i am so you know how serious this is right!!
that's it for now. hope you are all having a fantastic day