Well it is here.. finally twenty ten!!

i ended 2009 and started 2010 working on a desk calendar for myself. it turned out quite nice. i used mostly Tim Holtz products which i happen to LOVE!!

it also ended and started with lots of wine and good food. we made homemade chinese and it was fabulous. though i must say we need to reinvest in some Braggs soy sauce as the stuff we have now doesn't have much of a kick to it.

i am working on a couple of 'New Year Resolutions' though i don't really believe in them. I am going to one, lose weight. and i know everyone says that but for me i have to as i want to live to see all the firsts i can possible see with my son. and my second thing is i am going to use what scrapping supplies i have on hand and will start that out with doing up some pages that i started long time ago.

that's it for now. i will chat at you later! thanks for stopping by