it's been a while.. sorry about that.
the new year started out really well.
nice and relaxing which is what i like.
my mojo has kind of left me. like for instance today i am suppose to be creating a page for the scrapbuilders and i really don't want to. but seeing as it is due tonight i had better get at it.
i have had a lot of pain the last week.. don't think the latest attempt on 'figuring it out' is working. but i have one more month of this way to see. i surely have my fingers crossed. i really don't want it to be food related cause really why do i have to give up anything else.
and speaking of giving up why does one who watches what they eat, and eats healthy to boot, have to weight so much and one who eats macdonalds doesn't. it isn't fair

but then again.. life isn't fair is it