Where have I been?

it has been a very hectic month and not in a bad way just busy it seems. i can't believe it is already almost the end of the month. i am still taking part in the LOAD challenge and so far i have managed to do a page a day. i have enjoyed doing it but taking a vacation in the middle of it isn't wasn't the best plan.
speaking of vacation, we had taken vacation on the island this year, superbowl, skiing and scrapbooking. what more could we ask for really. we had a wonderful time there.
and this past weekend we went to ski on Poley mountain. yesterday was a blast but today was enough to make me say i will never ski again. thank goodness we kept at it for a while. We won't go back to Poley again.. the road there was terrible!!! we are contemplating sking at crabbe this weekend coming.