winter is almost over

we have flowers coming up in the front yard, pretty yellow ones and some little purple crocus'. but i have to say this is the first year that i wish the snow would last just a little bit longer. we have really gotten into the skiing this year.. it is so very addictive!!! i will post some pics as soon as suzy decides to share them with me. i wasn't allowed to take my camera.. oh wait, auntie carol had sent some. this is us at poly mountain. we had a blast this day.. the next day not so much. oh well as much as we would like to perfect it in one day it is going to take a bit. though i have to let you know we have been to crabbe skiing a few times since and are planning all our weekend events around skiing!! yup we are addicted.
this weekend i am off to GHL (Green Hill Lake) to scrapbook all day saturday. i am excited but yikes, what ever shall i take with me. i simply can't take it all.
well scrapping has been slow since the LOAD in february so maybe this weekend will give me the kick in the butt that i need. and oh i almost forgot to mention that APOS is having the Jenn Starr come in and teach us some classes in July. I simply can't wait!!!


  1. Love the new picture!! Have a ton of fun at the retreat this weekend - am sad to miss this one :(


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