i think finally my pain streak has ended again. i so wish i knew what causes it. i have eliminated and reintroduced and been poked and prodded and examined and xray'd and no one seems to know what it is. so for now and the next 6 weeks or so i am off of course gluten and have added potato, dairy, turkey and peanut to the list.. oh and soy too!!
as for my scrappy world i am going to do an old pic for my mother in law of her dad's father and siblings i believe it is going to be. i will, i think, use this photo for my scrapping page this month. i will sneak a post of it on here as soon as i have finished it.
as for the rest of my world, it is doing okay. work has sucked recently .. sometimes i feel as though i am in a kindergarten class. i am to old for playing silly cowboy games. maybe i just need a mental health day. perhaps money for a spa day is in order. i will have to start saving.