50 things

i was just on a website http://www.30minutemartha.com/ and got a fabulous idea. i am going to get rid of 50 things in the month of august. what things... and do i even have 50 ... well i am sure i do. i wonder where i shall start and do i take a pic of the whole lot (which would mean i would have to find the place to store the 50 things) or do i as i go along take a pic and post as proof... well i am thinking as i go along i will snap and post. 
now committing to doing it in the month of august only allows me really two weeks to do this as i will be on the island for the middle two weeks.

and on another thought isn't it crazy that the month of July is over! it has been a really rough month for me. do i see and end in site..finally for sure i do. a lot of the reason i am coming through is cause i decided that it doesn't matter, really it doesn't. i have a good life and i have to remember that.

anyway that is my moment of the day.


  1. Oh that sounds like an awesome idea! I can't wait to see you posts!

    Here's to a better month ahead!


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