The battle continues...

on whether to fence in the yard, to build a deck, to buy a pool or to buy a hot tub. We just received a quote back on building a measly little deck.. well the deck he quoted the price on was 12X10.. we wanted a 12X26 built.. his price for the small deck.. oh only something like SEVENTY FIVE HUNDRED!!! i so wanted to ask him if he was on crack. and the dude who is preparing a quote to fence in our property wants something like $6800 just for his labour!!! Definitely on Crack!!!! well they are father and son after all. i think that there time definitely is worth something don't get me wrong but it would take me months to make enough just for labour for his weeks worth of work.  i think i am going to tackle building a deck for a hot tub. i know i can do it and if i need assistance surely my brother can come over and give me a hand.. i will pay him!!!



  1. Building yourself is a great option! You'll be very proud of your hard work in the end and enjoy it that much more. We had to have landscaping done, a driveway and wheelchair ramp poured and it cost us a small car. I get sad just thinking about it!


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