July 2010

I can't believe how much time has past since i last did an update. i have been really busy but yet not doing much of anything ... know what i mean.

I have been working on doing LO of older pics of my son. i have not many but want him to know the stories behind all of them.. i think that is the important part of scrapping; the journalling. some pics can bring back such memories and even smells to me and i want to share that with him.

i did a 14 day LOAD challenge last month with the gals at APOS. it was a great time and i am now just getting back from vacation on the island and managed to do 10 layouts there as well! a couple of my favorite layouts from the LOAD was this one i did of our very very fortunate viewing of Leonard Cohen. This layout was done in 15 minutes... honest it was! and i love it!!

and the last day of the challenge i believe was Why do we scrapbook. I don't scrap with out pictures very often but i REALLY love how this one turned out!

i am also working on trying to figure out what is what with my Canon. i got it for Christmas but just haven't made the time to figure out what to do with it.. i know it does lots!!! i did manage to figure out how to take some nice fireworks pics on Canada Day in Charlottetown
so as soon as i figure out how to upload photos from Photoshop i will post some fireworks pics here!


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