My Dilemna

well i think our dilemna is finally over. we have been trying to decide on whether to get a pool or not. well getting a pool is a must.. we really want one and i blame it all on one particular person!!

anyway here, right in the city and with nosey neighbours as well as hellians in the neighbourhood we don't dare not get a permit and in order to get a permit for a pool we have to have a 5 plus foot fence and we only have a four foot!!!

so then we thought okay we will just get a deck but in order to get the deck we have to have someone build it and that won't happen for weeks and the before we know it summer will be over.

and we do have two weeks book at chez mom's in souris which is always a nice treat

so what have we decided? as of this moment we have decided we are going to do our own privacy fence but not til after our run in October and before ski season starts!!

am i disappointed that we aren't going to have a pool for this season... yup most definitely but i am a big girl and i can handle it.. besides we have always wanted a privacy fence and i kind of am excited that we are doing it ourselves.

unless of course any of you out there know someone who can build a cute deck cheap!!!