a productive day!

my day started off with a trip to the basement to check out the whole bee situation. do i have bumble bees or carpenter bees. i am so unsure. Suzanne is PETRIFIED of bees to the point that she develops an anxiety attack and is covered in goosebumps....So this is it. today i called the exterminators. we have had enough. They are coming to visit on Tuesday afternoon and hopefully some of this will be solved before we go on vaca. it is going to cost us lots and lots of money but it is a small price to pay to get ride of the stupid infestation of bugs and bees this year.
 We had a good day though. we have so much gardening and responsible home owners. today i moved a tree we planted  4 years ago. i sure hope it survives the move and we also moved a few hostas and i trimmed even more trees. as much as i get upset at the bugs and the wetness and the unfinished basement i just have to look outside and see all the birds flying and feeding and bathing in the birdbath. life really is good