Ten on Tuesday - Games!!!

so today we were asked to blog ten games we liked playing as a child. Well i don't really recall that many right off the top of my head so let's just see how far i can get.

1. Hearts .. do i remember how to play.. nope but i remember we played it a lot!!
2. chess. once again i don't remember how to play and i never really learned how to play well anyway.
3. scrabble... hated it!!!! still do
4. backgammon.. love this game
5. RISK - it was a boys game as far as i am concerened. i didn't like it. i am not much of a strategist
6. Monopoly - i remember it taking way to long to plya
7. Canasta - at least i think that is what it was called. a card game my mom LOVED to play
8. Teacher - I loved playing teacher and cause i was the oldest girl i got to be principal too!!!
9. Pente - this is the only game/toy i have from being a kid. it is strategic too i guess but i love it
10. Outside - i loved playing outside. my siblings and i would be outside for hours during the day. we would set up house and make lunches and run and play and get filthy dirty. We for the most part got along and would leave after breakfast sometime and not get back til dinner time just running through the woods or playing switch or hide and seek. a few good memories


  1. Oh I forgot about Risk. My brother use to play that with his friends when I was little. I like playing with the little colored pieces.


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