i can't believe i have that many in the first couple of days... 25 out of 50 things .... WOW!

mind you someone things they will be having a yard sale now .. i don't do yard sales!!!

here are my first twenty five. these elephants. i love them and technically they belong to my son BUT i just thought they serve no purpose and have zero sentimental value to them so why am i keeping them really.

then i went into my aveda stash of stuff.. i love it all but i tend to keep the bottles with the thought of 'there is one more bit of stuff left'. no more, gone they are. 

then i went on to a whole lot of nothings. pink cheap razors, make up applicators, a lip gloss container that came with a bottle of arbour mist wine,  and foot scrub.. haven't used these things in YEARS so why do i still have them cluttering up my drawer. i then search the cupboard above the fridge.. HTG these things have been there since we had our kitchen redone in 2007.. a foreman grill, cookbooks, picnic thingies, ice cube trays.a container of tea (now i had a hard time with that one cause i could use the box for something i am sure but the point is to get rid of this stuff isn't it)
the shelves in the bedroom, long forgotten scent thing and incense and candle holder.. never will i use these things. oh and then lets' not forget the VHS tapes.. now really who still has a VHS player..come on diana...

then it was on to the spare room which held the neatest tissue box holder which is and always has been a pain in the butt to get tissues out of... GONE. also found a tin of whethers candies that we have had since Christmas and a ceramic plant holder for herbs.. no herb seed mix came with it so it never got planted (received this in 2006) a book cover that i have been waiting since 1996 to get back, a calendar from 1996. a cast iron trivet thingy for the stove. the last few items are a polo shirt, a phone that i ran over and doesn't work (why i have this i have no idea), a bracelet, and an old book of runes.

so that is it for my stash for today. not bad i must say for my first attempt. SuzyQ decided to join in on the fun and she as well threw out 25 thing today so it is a total of 50 gone out of the house (or will be gone soon i should say) Not to shabby!


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