I am missing scrapping & Top Ten Tuesday

It has been a fun last few days. we have spent 6 days in a row getting up, eating breakfast, packing our lunch and heading to the beach by 10 am every day and coming home at 4 to prepare supper.  i have taken so many pictures this last week and a bit but am unable to get them off my camera. and speaking of my camera i haven't been able to take it to the beach but Suzy has so that is why all my pics of late have been beach scenes.

anyway enough about the beach back to the whole missing scrapping. i have about 700 pics that i have taken that i am guessing will do a layout or two or 10... and most of the pics are taken in B&W.. something totally different for me. I so can't wait. Today is the first non sunny day but we are going into town to pic up Suzy's baby siblings, 4 and 2 years old, from the sitter and taking them by ourselves to the fair!!! what does that mean.. more pictures!!!

well i am guessing i will have lots of time in a few weeks to do a bit of scrapping. i guess i can wait....

so the top ten for tuesday this week is 10 places you wish to visit but haven't yet. here is mine: Newfoundland,  Las Vegas, New York, to see the Tundra and Northern Lights, Les Iles de la Madeleine,  Grand Canyon, Europe(yup, the whole thing and saving this one for retirement), Auschwitz concentration camp, Hollywood, and a cruise to anywhere warm and friendly!!