Ten on Tuesday - wish list

oh this is a good challenge from scrappinmama over at APOS http://apileofscrap.1forum.biz/forum.htm . 10 things i wish i could buy but just won't or can't spend the money on. For the most part my list is going to be totally frivolous . so here they are in no particular order
  • one of everything Tim
  • diamond earrings
  • an in ground pool
  • i have always wanted on of those beautiful pendants with the mother/child on it. i love them
  • a new fancy ass lense for my little rebel
  • a new wardrobe.. not all new but well okay most of it
  • a personal trainer that will kick my arse and make me sweat
  • a new car for my monkey... not necessarily a brand new one but one at least with airconditioning
  • a bedroom set that allows the bed to be a couple of feet off the floor.. i love those beds you have to crawl up on
  • a full sunroom built on the back of the house, all windows, 4 season and i would want a hot tub in it
well that would be my list as of right now. i am sure if asked again next week i would want different things. but in all seriousness who doesn't want world peace, clean air and water as well as no worries


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