LOAD days 2 to 5

As always it seems life goes a little too fast for me to get everything done in a day. i have been busy working additional hours, still training for the marathon, cooking meals, house chores and scrapping of course. So i am doing just a quick entry tonight in order to share my layouts with everyone
Day 3 . i love this picture. she was getting such a thrill showing us her little fart machine!!! she would make it make a noise and then laugh and laugh and laugh. Totally adorable
This is us on our 4 year anniversary. We had such a good day. i love this picture. it seems to show all the love an softness and age and contentment that we have with each other.
We were so very nervous and yet very excited. we baby sat the siblings all by ourselves so the parents were able to go out for dinner, by themselves, for the first time since having babies. they were as good as gold truly they were.

.little miss E.. she is a perfect combination of sweetness and spice.