what have i been up to?

Well it has been a little bit and as always stuff happens in such short amount of time. So i managed to complete LOAD and a huge congrats out to Carol who was the winner of this wonderful two weeks of layouts!!! here are a few layouts from the last couple of days. The picture on the right is of my older brother Darren. it is amazing when i see my dad in this picture it is a spittin' image of darren now and how looking at darren in the picture how much my son looks like him. No doubting family in these pictures. The first layout up on the left is of John when he was little. and the lower picture here to the right is of John as he is known today. 
So what else have i been up to.. well i did the Terry Fox Run across the Confederation Bridge this past weekend!!! it was such an amazing event. so many people turned up for this even it ended up that the start time which was suppose to 7:00am didn't start until almost 8:00am. the reason was that approximately 3000 participants showed up that they weren't expecting so they needed time to register them. So they figure by estimating that there were close to 10,000 people there and i can tell you i believe it. at some points during the walk all you could see before you, behind you and ahead of you were people!!! 
We had driven down to Moncton on Saturday afternoon and got up Sunday morning at 4:22am!!! in order to get to the bridge on time to cross to the PEI side. What a morning it was. we were lucky to get there as early as we did because apparently the line ups behind us were kilometers long. some people i heard waited an hour in line to get to the parking lot (which was a field) in order to catch the bus.  
so i just wanted to share with you a few pictures of the amounts of people on the walk. two of my favorite moments were when Terry's brother kicked us off and started the walk and when i met the military guys marching across the bridge. one of my least favorite parts aside from standing around and waiting two hours was using the port-a-pottie on a very windy bridge... the only thing, in my mind anyway, hold down the pottie was others potties!!!

here we are at  4:33 in the morning
 and then us on the bus in the morning heading over to the island. and then us finally on the island waiting. it was a cool beautiful morning.
so finally it was time. here are views of the amount of people behind and then the amount coming over from the New Brunswick side...as far as one can see, people.  and of course a picture of the soldiers. Thanks for sharing in my adventure. to all my scrappy friends.. 



  1. Diana those are great pictures from the Terry Fox Run! I love the one of the soldiers.


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