10 on 10 on 10

What a day huh! the 10th day of the 10th month in the year 2010. This is going to be a very special day with lots of happenings i am sure. I am even having 10 guests today! take lots of pics today folks!!! document today!

So let's get started. First off i just posted my inspiration challenge over at APOS!  This month i chose to challenge the forum group to make a clock. I am so hoping to have the time in November to make my own. I had made one years ago but really as you can see it isn't quite my style. i started taking it apart and glimmermisted it a bit but really i am thinking i want to do a totally different style and perhaps even a square just to be different!

so i was up this morning and was able to finish up my Mamarazzi layout submission for Canadian Scrapbookers. i am quite pleased how it turned out.  i used the new Basic Grey Line which i totally love!!!

so now it is time for me to start getting ready for the big day. i have my family coming for dinner today. i had spent the day yesterday baking; i made 2 lemon pies, one of which is for monkey!!!, a pumpkin pie, queen elizabeth cake and some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins!!!! totally yummy!!!

so for now i am off to get the rest of the house cleaned and then prepare for putting the turkey and ham into the oven. i am so hoping to sneak in a bit of scrapbooking as well. i am a little, okay a lot, behind on doing up "My Journey" pages.