I am warning you now this is a long post as well as i will prolly talk about it for days, okay weeks, to come!

so on Saturday night we layed low and as i said before spent a bit of time visiting family. then back to the hotel room to prepare for the big day. I felt like a little kid preparing for my first day of school. I laid out everything in preparation for the early morning. it looks like a lot but everything was needed for the next morning and i didn't realize at the time one more important item. so if you can see into the pile there is an important piece there. it is my pace band.. one for 6:00:00 my stretch goal and one for 6:17:00 the ultimate goal; the one i figured i could do based on previous runs. and on the back of my stretch band was my friends/family pics. those who wished me well and those who i just knew wanted to be at the finish line with me.
so off to bed i went.. early like around 11:30. i knew that 6:00am was going to come fast. and boy did it NOT.... we were so unable to sleep.. i may have gotten 2 maybe 3 hours tops during the night. and finally morning came with the wake up call (which we were already up) and then the knock on the door .. security with our morning pot of coffee! it was then time to get ready.
i was hardly awake and already getting dressed. the day before i had pick up this really cool pink shirt and on the back it says 'irunlikeagirl'. i loved it. i also bought the beanie!!!!  a quick look outside and i saw it wasn't beanie weather at all!!! We drank our coffee and i made my breakfast.. bagel, cream cheese and banana.. now normally i love this breakfast but i usually don't eat until i am up for at least an hour and a pot of coffee later. so i tried to eat it but just couldn't. then it was time for the traditional 'this is what we look like before we head out for a run' photo.
so we get outside and this is what i was talking about earlier.. it was raining raining raining and windy windy windy!!! and only 8 degrees according to Daisy!
i thought please let it stop before the run starts.. PLEASE!! but nope it didn't. we sat in our vehicle til the very last minute before i had to go line up to use the facilities and get ready for the run

to be continued....