only hours left

well what a weekend so far. We drove to Moncton last  night through that crazy wind/rain storm. it was a long long trip. we were so relieved to get there and get settled. they upgraded us to the signature club suite which meant free assess to the lounge; oh americano's here we come!!!.
so this morning we were up bright and early as we had went to bed early. went for breakfast in the lounge and yup more free americano's.
Heading to the island was nice and it seemed there was a mix up so we were unable to get the jacuzzi suite but they gave us the home suite and 50% off at the restaurant for our entire stay!!! We had a nice lunch down stairs as the chef was able to provide me a turkey club and the most delicious salad ever. we chit chatted with the waitress and told her i was here to do the marathon. she was very supportive and excited for me. off we went to pick up my kit.. i forgot the camera but it was a good time at the centre. now i have participated in a lot of half marathons but it seemed that doing the marathon puts me into some kind of other genre of people. they were so supportive and talkative and welcoming and cheered me on knowing it was going to be my first one. We were able to pick me up the nicest shirt for my run tomorrow (pictures to follow once i post about the run). off we went to do a bit of shopping and we stopped into aunt carols to visit a bit.
so we ventured back to the delta for dinner as it was such a pleasant visit there at lunch time. when we came back to the hotel and brought up stuff to our wonderful room there was such a pleasant surprise waiting for us.  a really nice treat and a wonderful note card from the waitress this morning wishing me good run.. good luck. isn't that the sweetest thing you have ever heard. i will try to post a pic later as it isn't allowing me right now.(IT NOW HAS LET ME)
so now it is time to prepare for morning. coffee is ordered, clothes are all laid out and the wine is almost gone. bed will be calling soon. here is to a good nights rest.
i hope i get the chance to post tomorrow what a truly wonderful moment it is crossing the finish line under 6:17:00. til next time