SAME - ezee pzee and gesso

So i have come up with this idea.. and i so hope it is a new title cause i would hate to have taken the idea from anyone!!!!!... i would like to see all my blog followers and those who sneak a peak (come and join me) Share A Moment /Event

If you have read my blog you will know i have not had a free weekend in a very long time. As this is my first free Sunday i thought this would be the perfect time to post my new adventure. SAME. so this Sunday we are going to be working with a couple of new products (one new to me and one brand new at APOS! ) Gesso and Glimmermist. Along with another one of my newest favorite product Ezee Pzee and some Ranger paint dabbers.
So here are the supplies i used:
A wooden crate that i have held on to for a few years. it came with a couple of little jars of something or other in it. i just couldn't throw it away!
Ezee Pzee snowflake

and all these cool supplies.
And this is what i did:

first off i painted the inside of the crate with Gesso and then let it dry ( i may or may not have tried to speed it up with my heat tool!) I used a popsicle stick to spread it around. i suppose one could and prolly should use a paint brush but that would have meant i would have had to gone downstairs to find one and i just didn't want to. so stick it was. i spread out a somewhat even layer and then made peaks and such just buy gather and smooching the gesso around with the stick.

next i got out one of my newer purchases from A PILE OF SCRAP! my 1oz container package of Glimmermist "winter wishes" and sprayed a layer of Spring Violet followed by Frost. i loved how when i sprayed the Spring Violet it seemed to be a wonderful mix of blue and purple sprays. LOVE IT!!!. and the frost was a perfect coat filling in delicate blues.

 my next step was to take out some Tim Tissue Tape and cover the outside of the crate. once i completed that i sprayed the whole crate with Moonlight. i was so liking how this was turning out. i am a fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to 'creating'. i have discovered however that glimmermist takes a while to dry when applied to tissue tape so in the meantime i thought i would decorate that ezee pzee snowflake. so for the snow flake i took out my old and yet to be used paint dabbers and applied a coat of black willy nilly followed by my heat tool and then a coat of silver and it too followed by my heat tool. next i sprayed it with the final bottle of glimmermist in that wonderful kit, Glacier!! i was in love!
though it is hard to tell by this picture it is so very glimmery with the silver and then followed by the glacier!!!
so then i got out my trusty pokey thingy tool and poked a hole into one of the tips of the snow flake and threaded a jump ring through the hole. added another one, put a staple into the top of the crate. i added a touch of the silver dabber all along the outside edges of the crate and folks, this is what i ended up with 

i hope you all enjoyed my Moment. i am off to buy a battery operated tea light... til next time



  1. I love your work! The snowflake box is just beautiful! And you have a wonderful and thoughtful son.


  2. thanks Kathy!!!!!
    and my son i have to agree is awesome. i truly couldn't ask for any more

  3. I love SAME and I love you project!


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