SAME - word canvas

so today i feel like i have a million and one things to do.. scrappy and otherwise. it is sunday and one of my favorite things to do on sunday in the cool/colder months is bake!! i made a comment yesterday that i think i prefer baking over scrapbooking and oh my what reactions i heard from that. i just really really enjoy baking. but now on to scrapping.

so for today's Share A Moment/Event i have chosen to complete my second canvas in what i now to believe series. So let's get started
First i started with the basic 8X10 canvas. i painted the back ground a mixture of white and mushroom paint but didn't like it so then i got out my trusty popsicle stick and painted some gesso over the top of it.

so i waited a while to let it dry and then thought i would add a bit of distress ink to it.. well that didn't work so well so then i thought i might try a bit of chalk ink and nope chose the wrong colour and thought now what. so then out came my trusty dusty newly discovered from my current stash of things i just had to have and bought and never used favorite things, my paint dabber. so in keeping with the messy feel i wanted for this canvas i just swiped the paint dabber back and forth across the canvas and it ended up looking okay... but the original chalk paint was still quite prominent. so what next in my stash of goodies could i find to help make it look a bit like i wanted... Glimmermist.. i used the Haunted Shadow seeing as it is Halloween and then ta da!!!! i liked it

So then on to the next step. i have seen it done in a lot of different formats, the whole word on pages thingy. i have seen it on scrappy pages, painted signs people hang on their desks, calendar pages, etc... and i am sure it has been done numerous times on canvas' and i thought i would like one as well. so off to chose some lettering and distress inks and embossing folders.. here is my mumble jumble of words prior to the finished project and a close up of the embossed lettering's. i have had embossing folders forever and just never got around to using them much. i think originally the ones i have were bought for the one you lay your paper on and then use a stylus to emboss.. but i find they work great in a big kick as well.. millions out there prolly already knew this but it is new to me!

once all the glimmermist was dried i put everything in it's place, glued the words all done and then coated the whole project one more time but this time i used my newest glimmermist shade spring violet (remember i mentioned in the last post it has purple in it!). So here it is, my finished project for today..
i hope you get a chance to make something of your own today and share a SAME with me. til next time