so exciting!!!

Well people's I have not yet come down from my high of meeting THE Tim Holtz!!! I am flying high up on the white spun sugar clouds!!!

i have decided to make yet another leap in my lovely little life but can't quite share with you until well, until i am all set to go!

For now i am down to 10 more sleeps until my MARATHON!!!! I am quite excited over this. Can you imagine.. i couldn't.. it has been a LONG busy few months with the training it takes. Mind you I am not fast but i will finish and the sweeper bike will be there with me i am sure!!

Tonight i am putting together my inspiration challenge for APOS! which is due on Sunday. you should hop on over there and check out some of the challenges the lovely inspiration team has put together.  Also tonight i need to get my butt in gear and get the house cleaned and the groceries bought to prepare my Thanksgiving Dinner we are hosting this year for the first time!!!!

until later ladies (and gents!)