Tim Holtz

We have had yet another wonderful weekend!

We had driven to Moncton on Saturday afternoon to do the Run for the Cure on Sunday there. i enjoy taking part in such events as it makes me realize just how unimportant the every day niggly things are. I am healthy and happy and that is truly all that should matter in life. My world is good and i am always conscience of that fact. Life is too short to not enjoy.
 Speaking of enjoying life... what an unbelievable morning i have had. i got to met THE Tim Holtz. . my morning started out with very little sleep.. i am the type of person that doesn't show excitement because i can't stand the disappointment that comes if what i really really want doesn't happen.  I had decided that i would head to the dock around 10ish cause really who is going to get off the boat at 7:00 in the morning to do what? This is me leaving the room and this is the view i seen from the elevator area!!

Well SuzQ had me up and out and on my bench just before 8:00...no breakfast no coffee no nothing. You see she has a bit of experience herself on stalking so she set me straight.. so there on the bench i waited and waited and waited. She left me there while she went back to Starbucks for a morning americano for me.  There were a lot of people coming and going and i could pretty much tell who the scrappers were and who weren't. i had casually mentioned to one of the cruise ship ladies that i would be there all day as i was waiting to get a pic of Tim Holtz... can you believe she didn't know who Tim Holtz was.. like HELLOOOOO!!!!  There were however a couple of ladies who were so kind to stop and show me pics of some of the things they were doing with Tim and as always.. amazing stuff. And take a look at this woman's sweater..oh how i want one of these!!

so we are sitting and waiting and suzanne says what are you going to do about using the bathroom. you can't sit here all day. i am figuring yes i can if i have to.. after all it is Tim Holtz i am waiting for and oh my goodness... but look at this!!

i truly wish i could describe exactly how it was to see him coming down the street towards me. i was so VERY excited. it is truly one of the most pleasant 'strangers' i have ever met.

i called out to him and .. well i can't even really tell you what i said to the poor man. he must think me some crazed lunatic really!!  i wish i could have video taped it so i can play it over again but then wait a minute maybe not!

i know i did tell him how fantastic he was and how i am one of his biggest fans. He was so cute saying 'i wish i had know you were waiting out here i would have come out earlier.  i let him know i would have waited ALL day for him and i truly was prepared to do so.

 i gushed i am sure for a bit and then asked if he would mind signing my book for me and he said oh but of course. he asked my name and i told him and he said now is that spelled diana .,.. i can't believe he just knew how to spell it.  i have a signed copy of his book A Compendium of Curiosities!!!  OH MY FREAKIN FREAK!!!

I really truly didn't want to intrude too much on he and his teams time but the pictures kept being snapped by not only suzyq but mario as well.  Mario is just as cute in person as his profile shows. A really great smile has he.  i was so tickled that he agree to have his pic taken with me as well. And i felt bad after they left i should have asked for a group shot but really i am lucky to get pics of the two guys.  i should be too greedy. 

TIM HOLTZ thank you very much for allowing me to take some pics of you today. i am looking forward to HOPEFULLY the cruise in the fall... 
PS.. please have those wonderful sweaters again!!!



  1. I was so excited when you posted that picture this morning and it was truely the highlight of my day! I'm jealous, but I know how much you adore him and think it was so wonderful that you got to meet him in person. Thanks for sharing the story, if I had your phone number I would have soo called and wanted the details. Can't wait to see how you scrap the photos. They are wonderful!

  2. eeeek!!! Super exciting Diana!


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