updates on Thanksgiving, running and scrapping

As I had told you all previously we were hosting Thanksgiving at our home this year and it went off without a hitch!! BUT I have to admit it was a close call there for a couple of minutes. First off i had originally planned dinner for just four of us and then I thought I would put the invite out to see if any one else would like to come ... this is how i ended up with 14 people to feed.. it was wonderful. The only ones missing from my side were my two brothers Darren and Mike and their families and once niece and her family. Maybe next time we will have the whole lot of them.. that would be fantastic. I would show you more pictures here but as most of you already know it won't be long and i should have them scrapbooked right! So what were the mishaps you may ask well, I had originally had it in my head that the ham i bought only needed to be heated for 20-25 minutes so no worries right.. well about an hour and a half prior to dinner being scheduled to be served i realized it was 20-25 minutes PER POUND!!!! and it was 9 pounds!!! and the second mishap was when i took the extra tray of dressing out of the oven I dropped the whole thing on the floor BUT right side up!!!!!  Someone was definitely looking over me today.. thank you!

So the next thing i wanted to share with you all is that did you know it is only 6 more sleeps til i do my FULL MARATHON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and now on to scrapping. Over at A PILE OF SCRAP! i took on the 'My Journey' trek with a few of the ladies. We have completed 5 layouts as of today (Alissa the owner of APOS!) was kind enough to give us the last two days to play catch up .... not sure about today ... and so i have managed to do so. here is day one!  It is funny how most of us throw away photo's that don't turn out 'just right' but i just couldn't throw this one away.. this is a picture of me the morning of my Tim Holtz Stalking Event!! So i chose to do my journalling right on the picture!!!!  I LOVE how it turned out! oh I can't help but let you know that Mario sent me an email and said check out Tim's video on his blog today (and i was just doing that when he sent me the email) and oh my check out the shameless chick at about 3:17 in this video Tim and Me!! and okay maybe a few other people are in it too I guess!!

I am not posting any more layouts here today but just wanted to let you all know i will be doing a tutorial soon on how to make some really cool embellishments with a coffee filter and a bit of Tim! Okay not Tim really but Tim product!!

I have to run along and make some Christmas Cards for the swap we are all doing on the forum. so until next time



  1. OMG just saw the Tim Holtz video!!! Wow!

  2. Oh, yes, the marathon!


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