WOW my second post in one day. i am having my mother in law over for a few days (that is a good thing! she is a good mother in law) and so i need to clean up my crafty space and i thought i would up date you to what it looks like. i had shown previously the before and said i would post afters once it is finished. i have realized it will never be finished! so here are a few of what it looks like now
it is still very very messy and needs a lot of work and i have so many ideas but yet just as many projects on the go.  i believe once October is over i will have a bit more time to put down onto paper all my wonderful ideas. as much as i so enjoy doing layouts i have the urge to make or do projects. i have completed one project on canvas and am half done another which i want to hang as well and i simply can't wait to do it. and if you notice leaning on the floor the pic of the womans face, well as said before i still have wonderful plans for that. and i have a brilliant idea for a canvas for my upcoming monumental moment of completing a marathon. And yet another project i want to attempt, a clock for my room. so many things i want to do and seems like no time to do them.

so tonight for instance what have i done. as you may know i was originally only having my son for dinner so it would have been three then i had the brilliant idea to invite my family so now we are at 10. well there is a bit more planning to 10 than 3. Turkey is ordered and ham is bought. tonight i made a batch of cranberries and i have also made a batch of Lady Ashburn pickles. BUT it can't all be about the weekend.. a girl needs chocolate sometimes right. So tonight amongst everything else i proceeded to make a chocolate banana snacking cake only to realize i didn't have cocoa but do you know what i did have...  i truly am a Starbucks girl don'tcha think!

on that note folks it is time for me to sign out for the evening. and i am going to leave you with one thought and one pic.... meant to let you know why it is important to be careful if you are sitting on a ball with a pair of scissors

so til next time