Yet another TIM update

 well, if you folks will remember in my Tim stalking adventure post there was a picture of a woman wearing a hoodie that i said i had to have.. well look what arrived in the mail yesterday!!! I WAS SO VERY EXCITED!!!!! i could hardly wait to get home to go to the post office. they had been at my house at 1:22 in the afternoon (obviously!) to deliver and i was so worried that i wouldn't be able to get it till today but nope. pick up was after 5:00. i hardly gave Suzanne time to eat as i wanted to go right away. So we get there to pick up and she goes off to sobey's to pick up some grocery whilst i go in and pick up my parcel. i get it and head to the car. once in the car i could hardly wait to open it and put on my sweater. So i key open the tape and start unfolding my sweater and WHAT wait a minute .. what is this ??? a little brown suitcase.. oh my freakin freak!!! i started shaking and crying. i couldn't imagine what it would be besides a Tim find.. so i open it up and look what is inside

now really how could my month get any better then this!!! a handmade Tim Holtz album just for me!!! 
Thanks to all the ladies at the store last night, cause you know that is the first place i headed to, who shared in with my excitement!!! you got to touch the album that THE Tim Holtz made!!!!!  I sent an email off to my BFF last night thanking them both for making my day.  I now need to prepare a personalized thank you card to send off to Arizona!!!!


  1. WOWZA! What am awesome surprise!

  2. Oh my god, I wish I could have been there to see your face!! But your description is so perfect I can imagine it. That is amazing and so is John!!! That lad knows his mother well.
    - Ye Olde MIL


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