happy birthday!!!!

today my wonderful little boy turns 20... The time sure has flown. This time 20 years ago he was fighting to get into this world and mama was in a lot of pain. We were having our first ice storm of the season and the hospital was over an hour away. He is my miracle baby. I am not sure why i was so blessed with this little spirit but am thankful, grateful, overwhelmed each day i have had with him... i am counting on many many more. Happy Birthday my sweet darling Monkey!!! I hope you always remember and never forget just how much i love you.. you are my world!

me working away at building the tree
so John was over and now i can post his card and present here in my blog. you see he follows me so he can know what i am up to. So here are a few pics from this evenings event. i can't wait to scrap some of these pictures.

Also this evening i called my Nanny in Ontario. You see she and i share the same BIRTHing day. She gave birth to my mom this day many years ago. Happy Birthday Monkey and Mom (RIP) and happy Birthing Day to my Nanny and to me!!
we started out with the basic tree shape

the finished product

The reaction

the piece of pie with 20 candles!

Suzanne believes in recognizing the mother. I was given this wonderful Starbucks Mug as a Birthing gift!



  1. What an awesome tree! I love that you used $20 bills cause he's 20! And your Misses is so sweet to give you a birthing gift! What a wonderful tradition!

  2. I love the tree and the mug! Your baby is 20!


  3. Sniffle...what a lovely birthday. Hmm, it kinda reminds me of the wonderful b'day youse gave me a couple of years ago.


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