SAME - wall hanging

okay so for today's SAME I decided to use the time to make a present. My sister (i am sure she doesn't read my blog) wanted one of the pics of John and I that we had done a few weeks back. I wanted to make it a special gift for her as she is special to me and to John. So i thought about doing a canvas but as the design team is doing a canvas i needed another idea.  I thought about it a bit and then remembered that i  have a few wooden supplies hidden in the closet for when the little ones come to visit so i thought.. HELLO!! this would be a perfect place to start. 

So this is the 'clock' that i started with. i took off the arms from the clock
 covered it in modge podge
 and then laid a piece of paper that i had cut out previously and laid it on top of the 'clock'
 I then dug out from the bottom of my closet my brayer!! i had almost forgotten i even had it!
 once it was dried i covered the paper with moonlight and sunshine glimmermists
 followed by brushed corduroy along the edges of the frame
 then it was on to embellishments. i love Tim anything and i finally had an opportunity to use my hammer. i used it here on the brad to give them just the right look.. love it!!!
 so I happened upon this really old ribbon that was in the bottom of my ribbon draw and thought is was just perfect but the colour was just not quite right so........
 out came the glimmermist again!!!
 so i added the tag that i had made last night and tada!!! the gift is complete.
thanks to you all for sharing another SAME with me. i hope i have inspired you to create! til next time...



  1. I love this! I enjoy checking in on Sundays to see the art that you have created! She will love this!


  2. Yet another reason to bow down to you, my friend - I love it! You have inspired me to try something OTHER than a scrapbook page. :)

  3. Great job here, and thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I LOVE that you're trying out the idea!

  4. Wow. Brilliant. I love it and am once again amazed at your talent.


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