SAME- ezee pzee crate boxes

So it is Sunday and it has been a very busy one for me. i needed to finish up my inspiration team reveal (posted below) as well as of course do my SAME for the week.

 so  what do you think. i had such a great time doing this today.. i simply couldn't wait to have it finished so i could take a pic. who knew that it takes HOURS for stickles to dry!!

so i have posted both the day time and night time versions of this. It is basically four crates that i had laying around that i knew i wanted to do something with. you remember the snowflake one from a couple of weeks ago, well i modified it in order to lay it on its side. and then attached the rest in the back with a couple of sticks and staples. Each crate is wrapped in Tim Holtz Tissue tape and two of them have gesso on the inside. They are all glimmermisted with blue, green, yellow and red. the candles as well are wrapped with tissue tape and then i dapped alcohol inks on them.

so here are a few closeups of the ezee pzee products and what i managed to do with them. This first one i embossed the white of the candy cane as well as the black of the ribbon. the holly and red on the candy cane is stickles!! The second one here, PEACE, i was a little worried about because wasn't sure how alcohol inks would take to the ezee pzee product. well let me tell you.... HELLO, wonderful or what!!  oh the third one, check him out.. isn't he cute. once again i used embossing ink and then used black for his hat and pants and then Distress Embossing powder for this shirt and hands/face. he is so very cute i just can't say it enough. and once again here is that snowflake

and then finally the little square for the centre.. lots of distress inks and the edging is from a gold paint dabber. So that is it.. that is my SAME for this week. it has been a very busy one for me for sure.. so til next time...


oh wait.. here is a sneak peak of something i have thrown together... does anyone recognize the pic?


  1. About the sneak peek! I can't wait to see it! My daughter is excited too! You are awesome!



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