SAME - gift card holders

i can't believe it has been a whole week since i have updated my blog.. i have been crazy busy as i imagine all of you are as well. This last week i have decorated a set of blocks for a gift and made a 20 page album as a gift as well. i can't show them as of yet (which reminds me i need to take pics before i give them away!)
so today i sat down and made 3 gift card holders based off a fantastic idea from a wonderful artist i follow Wendy. they are so very easy to make... 3.5 squares times 2 and a frame to keep them separate (Wendy has a product line.. art parts... but they aren't available to me at the moment so this is what i did instead)
then just add some ink and a few embellishments and look what you can come up with!!!!!
i am so pleased how they turned out!!! thanks Wendy for a fantastic idea!! my family, i hope, will love them!!



  1. Those are very cool! I love giving gift cards and this makes them more personal!



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