APOS LOAD - Days one and two

Alissa has given us the chance again to do another Lay Out A Day over at APOS!.
Day one was to pick one memory that sticks in your mind from 2010. i had so many wonderful moments in 2010 it was really hard to chose just one. Do i chose walking the 1/2 marathon in Fredericton with Alissa; do i chose the Saint John 1/2 marathon that i did with SuzyQ or the Run Through Green Space that we did. Then again maybe i should chose doing a weekend class with Jen Starr; so many wonderful moments that weekend. Or do i chose to do the two moments in the year that involved two of my favorite guys.. my son turning 20 or meeting THE Tim Holtz.

What memory did i chose. I chose a personal achievement. I completed my very first FULL marathon

for day 2 we were asked to do a collage style layout.. with or with out pictures. Like i have just said i had so many moments i just couldn't chose. Here is what i did..
come back and see in the next couple of days what day 3 and 4 will bring!!!



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