Thursday, March 25, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

my first GHL experience

It was an amazing day!
I learned a bit of stitching from alleycat ( :blow: ) and she shared oh so much of her stuff with me. (I want that to be my permanent seat!!!) I was taught a wonderful distress class from Luanna ( :dancing: ) and like Carol said kicked some butt with her for the scavenger hunt ( :highfive: ) I squished Jennypooh's finger ( :whoops: ) while she was so kindly shared some of her oddles of ribbon with me and had a few laughs with Lorid ( lmao )
i took lots and lots of pic of everyone including DeeDee, Valerie and Petite. K was also there and i am not sure if i got a pic of her as she seemed to disappear every once in a while.
there were a lot of wonderful women there and i wish i had more time to get admire everyone's work and style. BUT i came up with an idea to ensure that i do get to admire more and scraplift more....

Alissa, please sign me up for the weekend in October!!!! i am going to start my saving NOW!!!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

winter is almost over

we have flowers coming up in the front yard, pretty yellow ones and some little purple crocus'. but i have to say this is the first year that i wish the snow would last just a little bit longer. we have really gotten into the skiing this year.. it is so very addictive!!! i will post some pics as soon as suzy decides to share them with me. i wasn't allowed to take my camera.. oh wait, auntie carol had sent some. this is us at poly mountain. we had a blast this day.. the next day not so much. oh well as much as we would like to perfect it in one day it is going to take a bit. though i have to let you know we have been to crabbe skiing a few times since and are planning all our weekend events around skiing!! yup we are addicted.
this weekend i am off to GHL (Green Hill Lake) to scrapbook all day saturday. i am excited but yikes, what ever shall i take with me. i simply can't take it all.
well scrapping has been slow since the LOAD in february so maybe this weekend will give me the kick in the butt that i need. and oh i almost forgot to mention that APOS is having the Jenn Starr come in and teach us some classes in July. I simply can't wait!!!