Saturday, July 31, 2010

a productive day!

my day started off with a trip to the basement to check out the whole bee situation. do i have bumble bees or carpenter bees. i am so unsure. Suzanne is PETRIFIED of bees to the point that she develops an anxiety attack and is covered in goosebumps....So this is it. today i called the exterminators. we have had enough. They are coming to visit on Tuesday afternoon and hopefully some of this will be solved before we go on vaca. it is going to cost us lots and lots of money but it is a small price to pay to get ride of the stupid infestation of bugs and bees this year.
 We had a good day though. we have so much gardening and responsible home owners. today i moved a tree we planted  4 years ago. i sure hope it survives the move and we also moved a few hostas and i trimmed even more trees. as much as i get upset at the bugs and the wetness and the unfinished basement i just have to look outside and see all the birds flying and feeding and bathing in the birdbath. life really is good

Friday, July 30, 2010

50 things

i was just on a website and got a fabulous idea. i am going to get rid of 50 things in the month of august. what things... and do i even have 50 ... well i am sure i do. i wonder where i shall start and do i take a pic of the whole lot (which would mean i would have to find the place to store the 50 things) or do i as i go along take a pic and post as proof... well i am thinking as i go along i will snap and post. 
now committing to doing it in the month of august only allows me really two weeks to do this as i will be on the island for the middle two weeks.

and on another thought isn't it crazy that the month of July is over! it has been a really rough month for me. do i see and end in site..finally for sure i do. a lot of the reason i am coming through is cause i decided that it doesn't matter, really it doesn't. i have a good life and i have to remember that.

anyway that is my moment of the day.

Monday, July 26, 2010

The battle continues...

on whether to fence in the yard, to build a deck, to buy a pool or to buy a hot tub. We just received a quote back on building a measly little deck.. well the deck he quoted the price on was 12X10.. we wanted a 12X26 built.. his price for the small deck.. oh only something like SEVENTY FIVE HUNDRED!!! i so wanted to ask him if he was on crack. and the dude who is preparing a quote to fence in our property wants something like $6800 just for his labour!!! Definitely on Crack!!!! well they are father and son after all. i think that there time definitely is worth something don't get me wrong but it would take me months to make enough just for labour for his weeks worth of work.  i think i am going to tackle building a deck for a hot tub. i know i can do it and if i need assistance surely my brother can come over and give me a hand.. i will pay him!!!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Dilemna

well i think our dilemna is finally over. we have been trying to decide on whether to get a pool or not. well getting a pool is a must.. we really want one and i blame it all on one particular person!!

anyway here, right in the city and with nosey neighbours as well as hellians in the neighbourhood we don't dare not get a permit and in order to get a permit for a pool we have to have a 5 plus foot fence and we only have a four foot!!!

so then we thought okay we will just get a deck but in order to get the deck we have to have someone build it and that won't happen for weeks and the before we know it summer will be over.

and we do have two weeks book at chez mom's in souris which is always a nice treat

so what have we decided? as of this moment we have decided we are going to do our own privacy fence but not til after our run in October and before ski season starts!!

am i disappointed that we aren't going to have a pool for this season... yup most definitely but i am a big girl and i can handle it.. besides we have always wanted a privacy fence and i kind of am excited that we are doing it ourselves.

unless of course any of you out there know someone who can build a cute deck cheap!!!

Ten on Tuesday - Games!!!

so today we were asked to blog ten games we liked playing as a child. Well i don't really recall that many right off the top of my head so let's just see how far i can get.

1. Hearts .. do i remember how to play.. nope but i remember we played it a lot!!
2. chess. once again i don't remember how to play and i never really learned how to play well anyway.
3. scrabble... hated it!!!! still do
4. backgammon.. love this game
5. RISK - it was a boys game as far as i am concerened. i didn't like it. i am not much of a strategist
6. Monopoly - i remember it taking way to long to plya
7. Canasta - at least i think that is what it was called. a card game my mom LOVED to play
8. Teacher - I loved playing teacher and cause i was the oldest girl i got to be principal too!!!
9. Pente - this is the only game/toy i have from being a kid. it is strategic too i guess but i love it
10. Outside - i loved playing outside. my siblings and i would be outside for hours during the day. we would set up house and make lunches and run and play and get filthy dirty. We for the most part got along and would leave after breakfast sometime and not get back til dinner time just running through the woods or playing switch or hide and seek. a few good memories

Friday, July 16, 2010

July 16th, 2010

Today marks the 22nd anniversary of my losing my mom. She was a remarkable person.. perfect no.. but remarkable. I miss her dearly each and every day.  she is the reason that i have raised my son to be a tad spoiled.. okay a lot spoiled. She taught me that it is important to let children be children and not force them to grow up too soon because one day they have no choice, they will have to pay bills and worry about jobs etc.

So for all you out there who still have your moms .. call them today
for all of you out there who have your moms and you aren't talking to them for what ever reason.. call them today
and for all of you out there who have lost your moms .... call them today. i am sure they are listening. I am calling mine now.....

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

a forum friend had posted this idea that we list 10 of something oh Tuesdays. I had THE WORST day ever at work that i have ever had BUT i am going to take this opportunity to list 10 things that i love and am appreciative of in no particular order
1. that i have the ability to walk and run. my life is so very full because i am able and i do do both
2. i am grateful that i have had all those in my life, good and bad, as if it weren't for them i would be who i am today
3. i am glad i recognize just how wonderful i am. others may not always appreciate me but i need to remember to appreciate myself because that is what counts the most
4. that i had my a.ha moment when i did cause if not for that moment then i wouldn't have been aware enough to have my heart and eyes opened to when my wonderful wife appeared.
5. my parents and how lucky i was that i had a stay at home mom and a dad who taught me such good work ethics. if not for that then i don't believe that i would have had the ability to raise my son to be the wonderful person that he is.6. that i have a good job though somedays, like today, i wonder if it is something that i need to be doing the rest of my life BUT regardless i do have a job therefore i have the money to do what i want, within limits of course.
7. my gardens and all that is involved with them even the stupid bugs but we need them, apparently to feed the birds and bats who are needed to feed the wild cats and what else eats birds and bats??? anyway you know what i mean
8. of all those who chose to give of their time and money when able to help out others.. these are very important people and we should never take them for granted
9. being diagnosed with celiac. it has been a journey but i am so much better because of it. i want a long and healthy life
10. and my discovery of scrapbooking. it is one of the best stress relievers i have ever experienced. it comes from the beautiful lines of paper, the wonderful excuse to get dirty and love it, the ability to bring back memories and smells and has introduced me to a wonderful new set of friends(the layout above of my parents with the hearts is a direct lift from one of the ladies on our forum.. annik..thank you). and it has allowed me to show off each moment in my sons life and let's him know just how lucky and proud i feel to have him as my son.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

July 2010

I can't believe how much time has past since i last did an update. i have been really busy but yet not doing much of anything ... know what i mean.

I have been working on doing LO of older pics of my son. i have not many but want him to know the stories behind all of them.. i think that is the important part of scrapping; the journalling. some pics can bring back such memories and even smells to me and i want to share that with him.

i did a 14 day LOAD challenge last month with the gals at APOS. it was a great time and i am now just getting back from vacation on the island and managed to do 10 layouts there as well! a couple of my favorite layouts from the LOAD was this one i did of our very very fortunate viewing of Leonard Cohen. This layout was done in 15 minutes... honest it was! and i love it!!

and the last day of the challenge i believe was Why do we scrapbook. I don't scrap with out pictures very often but i REALLY love how this one turned out!

i am also working on trying to figure out what is what with my Canon. i got it for Christmas but just haven't made the time to figure out what to do with it.. i know it does lots!!! i did manage to figure out how to take some nice fireworks pics on Canada Day in Charlottetown
so as soon as i figure out how to upload photos from Photoshop i will post some fireworks pics here!