Sunday, December 26, 2010

SAME - grunge wallet

i have been thinking on exactly what i would be making today for this project and i played around with it in my mind and this is what i came up with. 

So i stared out with my Tim Holtz Movers & Shapers die cut for the Sizzix along with a sheet of grungeboard, an embossing folder (swirls), glossy accents, distress inks, Tim Holtz stamps and of course my brand new RED SCISSORS!!!

 By the time i put everything together i had this huge mess on my table and added a tonne more supplies as you can see by the table... but 99% of the product and supplies were Tim (of course)
 And this is what i have come up with... a Grungeboard wallet!!! i absolutely love it! it is only made big enough to hold a couple of cards and i am not even sure which ones at this time.
That is it for today. I have a tonne more things to show you that i have made in the last little while. Thanks again for stopping by. Til the next time i post...


Sunday, December 19, 2010

SAME - gift card holders

i can't believe it has been a whole week since i have updated my blog.. i have been crazy busy as i imagine all of you are as well. This last week i have decorated a set of blocks for a gift and made a 20 page album as a gift as well. i can't show them as of yet (which reminds me i need to take pics before i give them away!)
so today i sat down and made 3 gift card holders based off a fantastic idea from a wonderful artist i follow Wendy. they are so very easy to make... 3.5 squares times 2 and a frame to keep them separate (Wendy has a product line.. art parts... but they aren't available to me at the moment so this is what i did instead)
then just add some ink and a few embellishments and look what you can come up with!!!!!
i am so pleased how they turned out!!! thanks Wendy for a fantastic idea!! my family, i hope, will love them!!


Sunday, December 12, 2010

SAME - John Canvas

so for today i wanted to do something quick. All the way home from Moncton i thought what can i work on today. i had to finish up my Tim tags, unload grocery, clean house, cook supper; you know how it is when one spends the weekend shopping!!! 

so this is what i came up with... and it only needed a few supplies. A small 5X7 canvas, one piece of core-dinations, one piece of paper, 3 ink ( black, rusty hinge and vintage photo) as well as my new Walnut ink that i received from my secret santa. i love how it turned out. as you can by the reflection in the Tim fragement all my DS has to do is look into the 'mirror' and read the words and know that he is all of them.

thanks for stopping by. i hope i have given you a bit of inspiration today.


Day 11 and day 12 of Tim Tags

as always when i take on the challenge of taking part in the 12 tags from Tim i am sort of sad when they are over!! i love learning new techniques and he is such a wonderful teacher. i can not wait for the day that i actually get to sit in one of his classes!!

so here are my final two tags and same as before i added my own things to them

AND here is a picture of my Christmas tree i would like to share with you all!!!

thanks for stopping by and taking a boo!! now i am off to do my SAME for this week. chat at you all later.


Saturday, December 11, 2010

day 10 tag

i had almost forget to post yesterday's tag... and i am almost done today's except i forget to bring green distress ink with me to the hotel!!!!! i will post it tomorrow evening when i get home and finish it

so here is todays tag and once again i had to do my own thing... but i so love the use of the snowman and recycled products.. i am quite happy with day 10's tag

so until tomorrow..


Friday, December 10, 2010

on line crop challenges

so like i said there is an on line crop over at APOS! this weekend. Here are the challenges i have posted for the girls:
this is a challenge to scrap your favorite things

this is a challenge to do something with 7 somethings on it

a special birthday

make a flower out of something other than paper

use a heart on your page

scrap a first.. this is a first pic of my son ever taken

do a layout using torn paper

a red and white challenge

a layout about something ending

well i hope you take a moment and get a bit of inspiration from any of these layouts.



HI all, i am just popping in to let you all know about the On Line Crop that is happening this weekend over at A PILE OF SCRAP! If you hop on over there today before 5:00pm you have a chance to play the on line BINGO game!  This months theme is Sound of Music.. lots of challenges, chit chat and chances to win some little prizes. For every challenge you participate in you receive a 'ballot'!!!!!! AND the grand prize for this weekend is $20 GF from APOS! who wouldn't want that! this is a sneak peak at one of the challenges.. can you guess what it will be!!!Come on over and have a bit of fun!!!! 


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Days 8 and 9 of Tim tags

okay so once again i did my own thing as i didn't have all the Tim goodies. So for the one here on the left i did do the whole mask thing but not with a mask. i had cut out florishes from the cricut for the clock class i did so used the positive and negatives to do the red. the back ground is a stamp and then of course lots and lots of inks. the grunge flower is coated in crackle paint and then once dried krinkled!!! the second tag on the right is my homemade version of Tims die cut as i don't have it. i also didn't have the music sheet stamp so i took two littles from the sheet music cardstock page from the paper stacks. Hope you like them!!! thanks for looking.. til next time...


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 6 and 7 of Tim Tags!

oh i had so much fun making these two tags. Once again i had to modify what i used as unfortunately i simply don't have all the Tim Wonderfulness!!!!   I love the Day 7 one. It is cool that one can now see the famous 'Grunge Flower' in a whole new light!!!! thanks for stopping by and taking this wonderful Tim journey with me!!! Til tomorrow..


Monday, December 6, 2010

Clock Class

So tonight i spent the evening with a great group of ladies. I taught my first class in a long long time. I used a lot of techniques, all Tim's of course!!! I love watching everyone do their own thing. I am so hoping everyone takes a moment to share their masterpieces on the forum over at APOS!. Here is my clock. it is hard to believe how many products and steps there are to making something like this!!!

i can't wait to teach my next class. i am thinking a canvas class perhaps!!!!!

Now it is time to get my Tim Tag done!! i will post pics tomorrow night after work!!
til then my friends..


Sunday, December 5, 2010

SAME - tim tag day 5

So today has been a crazy busy day.  it was reveal day at APOS! (see below) as well as i am getting stuff together for the clock class i am teaching tomorrow night and i wanted to do Tim's tag and and and...

so i had contemplated not doing a SAME this week and then i thought.. it only takes a moment.. combine the two so that is exactly what i did and i even was able to add a bit of Ezee Pzee stuff in as well!!!

on my tag i used ranger dabbers, a bit of glimmermist and of course some distress inks. did  a bit of stamping and voila!!!!


December Reveals at APOS!

This months challenge to the Inspiration Team over at A PILE OF SCRAP! was to create a canvas. i was given a piece of riff raff, some chalkboard glimmermist and some beautiful purple smoochspritz.. Here is what i create. it was a lot of fun. i love how it ended with the whole 3D look.It is hard to see it in the picture but the way the canvas was painted originally (not by me) was with an non latex paint so therefore the sprays took a long time to dry. this happened to be a good thing cause then it allowed me to tilt the frame and let the chalk and spray to run across the canvas.. kind of gave the lower part of the canvas the 'blowing in the wind' kind of look.

the second canvas i made was  my Marathon canvas. it is a tribute of sorts to doing my first full marathon this fall. it was done with placing layers. i first started with some pages from the dictionary with words such as marathon, run, walk, achievement... as well as some pages out of the paper from PEI which listed all the marathoners registered for the run. i modge podged everything down and then i covered it with tissue paper from my sneaker box. once it was all dried i used a bit of the glimmer mist to give it a bit of life and sparkle. then it was the placing of pictures and trinkets and of course my medal.  a bit of distress ink along the edges and then i was completed!

so if you get a minute hop on over to the girls blogs or over to APOS! and check out the inspiration teams work for this month. i guarantee you won't be dissappointed!!!


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Day 3 and 4

I had a fantastic night out last night at APOS! What a great group of ladies. I was working mainly on my layouts for the upcoming on line crop being held next weekend of which i am hosting. i am so excited. i can't wait. the theme is... oh wait, i can't say yet! Good try though!!

so as anyone who knows me knows i am a little, or a lot, obsessed with anything Tim. I can't help it. i love his style. So here are Days 3 and 4 of the 12 Tags of Christmas!!

til tomorrow ....


Thursday, December 2, 2010

day 2 of Tim

so here is my day 2.... it was a lot of fun but i was unfortunately, once again, without all the goodies required. actually the only object yet again that i had was some of the distress inks as well as a Tim tag!!!! BUT as you can see it turned out okay once again. i love this season. Tim Holtz Rocks!!!!

so besides that what am i up to .. EVERYTHING.. i am preparing for a reveal, for a class i am having and an on line crop as well as i just finished posting a challenge along with a few other girls from the forum.. which forum you ask.. well no where else other than A PILE OF SCRAP!

So i hope you all join us over there and see what fantastic treats have been posted as challenges!! til next time


Wednesday, December 1, 2010


Time for Tim's 12 tags of Christmas! - Day 1. Hop on over to his blog to watch the great one create the one of a kind piece of work. As for me, well i don't happen to have all the product at my fingertips but i love to improvise and with a little help from my wonderful friend Meg who likes to improvise as much as me this is what i created!! 
So the only product he mentioned on his blog that i actually had.. distress inks.. that is it.. .everything else i made.

BUT WAIT YOU SAY!! where did you get such a beautiful tree.. simple.. from my friend over at ezee pzee . i only needed to add a bit of pine needles distress ink and a bit of glimmer... and TA DA!!!!

so til tomorrow when day 2 is upon us....