Monday, September 27, 2010

new product

well i am glad to see you have come to visit again because i have some wonderful news to share. you see over at A PILE OF SCRAP! Alissa posted a new contest using a new to the market product.. EZEE PZEE . WHAT A WONDERFUL PRODUCT.  I have had a couple of opportunities to play with it and this is the second set that i have created something with (the first i will reveal this weekend!). it is so easy to play with... it can be painted, inked, glossy accented, glimmermisted, and heck even using a sharpie on it works! run ladies (but first put down your scissors) to APOS to see what is in store now before it is all gone!


Saturday, September 25, 2010

a wonderful moment

Today is pickling day!!! it is always fun being in the kitchen regardless what i am doing.

But what was my wonderful moment you ask well.... my son called and said "mom, so you want to know why i keep asking you when your marathon is it is because i am trying to get the day off work so i can be at the finish line"

regardless if he makes it or not he will be there in my mind. thank you John for being the worlds most thoughtful loving son. i am a very lucky mom

until next time.....

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

what have i been up to?

Well it has been a little bit and as always stuff happens in such short amount of time. So i managed to complete LOAD and a huge congrats out to Carol who was the winner of this wonderful two weeks of layouts!!! here are a few layouts from the last couple of days. The picture on the right is of my older brother Darren. it is amazing when i see my dad in this picture it is a spittin' image of darren now and how looking at darren in the picture how much my son looks like him. No doubting family in these pictures. The first layout up on the left is of John when he was little. and the lower picture here to the right is of John as he is known today. 
So what else have i been up to.. well i did the Terry Fox Run across the Confederation Bridge this past weekend!!! it was such an amazing event. so many people turned up for this even it ended up that the start time which was suppose to 7:00am didn't start until almost 8:00am. the reason was that approximately 3000 participants showed up that they weren't expecting so they needed time to register them. So they figure by estimating that there were close to 10,000 people there and i can tell you i believe it. at some points during the walk all you could see before you, behind you and ahead of you were people!!! 
We had driven down to Moncton on Saturday afternoon and got up Sunday morning at 4:22am!!! in order to get to the bridge on time to cross to the PEI side. What a morning it was. we were lucky to get there as early as we did because apparently the line ups behind us were kilometers long. some people i heard waited an hour in line to get to the parking lot (which was a field) in order to catch the bus.  
so i just wanted to share with you a few pictures of the amounts of people on the walk. two of my favorite moments were when Terry's brother kicked us off and started the walk and when i met the military guys marching across the bridge. one of my least favorite parts aside from standing around and waiting two hours was using the port-a-pottie on a very windy bridge... the only thing, in my mind anyway, hold down the pottie was others potties!!!

here we are at  4:33 in the morning
 and then us on the bus in the morning heading over to the island. and then us finally on the island waiting. it was a cool beautiful morning.
so finally it was time. here are views of the amount of people behind and then the amount coming over from the New Brunswick far as one can see, people.  and of course a picture of the soldiers. Thanks for sharing in my adventure. to all my scrappy friends.. 


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

what a day

here are my last two layouts from days 8 and 9 of LOAD.. only have a few more days left
this first one is us taken on Canada Day this year and the second on is a picture of my father in law and his wife. it is going to be the first page of the albums for their kids

so what else happened today.. well i went back to school!!! i took my first class in French!! WOW.. i have so much to learn.

until next time !!


Monday, September 13, 2010

My big day

it may not seem like it to most people but today was a huge day for me. i am officially signed up to do the FULL marathon on October 17th.. my name is on the list, in print, black and white... i had such anxiety over this you wouldn't believe. They say the training is the hard part, and it has been. my feet show the wear and tear of the last few runs. BUT i am so very excited that i am actually going to do this. I know i can!!!! thanks for following along with me and if you are tired of hearing about it... remember it won't be long and it will be over and done with!!!  in the meantime when i am no training i am scrapping. here is my layout from Day 7 !!!  our challenge was to do a 'first' so i chose to do a layout of my first 'official' run!!!

happy scrapping!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Day 6 of LOAD

So tonight the challenge was to make our own flowers. i just happened to send myself a set of instructions back in February of some flowers i wanted to try so today was the perfect chance to do so. i decided to make some fringe flowers and to accompany it nothing short of simple beauty.. my mother in law. Enjoy!


Friday, September 10, 2010

LOAD days 2 to 5

As always it seems life goes a little too fast for me to get everything done in a day. i have been busy working additional hours, still training for the marathon, cooking meals, house chores and scrapping of course. So i am doing just a quick entry tonight in order to share my layouts with everyone
Day 3 . i love this picture. she was getting such a thrill showing us her little fart machine!!! she would make it make a noise and then laugh and laugh and laugh. Totally adorable
This is us on our 4 year anniversary. We had such a good day. i love this picture. it seems to show all the love an softness and age and contentment that we have with each other.
We were so very nervous and yet very excited. we baby sat the siblings all by ourselves so the parents were able to go out for dinner, by themselves, for the first time since having babies. they were as good as gold truly they were.

.little miss E.. she is a perfect combination of sweetness and spice.

Monday, September 6, 2010

LOAD day one at APOS

Once again I am participating in a Lay Out A Day (LOAD) challenge through my LLS .

Today's instruction was to post a pic that made you giggle. i am not sure that i actually giggle but definitely laugh at my hair and glasses. but really how could i not scrap a pic of john and I. 

I love LOAD as it forces me to use up my scrap pieces of paper as well as i like to use it to scrap pics of my monkey from the past. Guaranteed 14 wonderful topic layouts!!! so here is today's using basic grey scraps. i used scraps of Basic Grey paper as well as used some glossy accents to highlight the title and stars that i punched out using my Expression.  HAPPY SCRAPPING!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

new layouts

So i was able to move my scrappy stuff all into my new craft room (pics to follow as soon as i have it finished). i am so pleased with the layouts i managed to do this weekend. Here are three and i will post the 4th soon as it is part of the inspiration for the girls over at APOS.

this first is a layout of our trip this summer to Greenwich, PEI. it was a fantastic day and this is the first of many layouts if am sure from that day. i used the Tim Holtz paper and the papers are made out of grunge paper which i used in my sizzix. i was so thrilled it worked!! i coloured them with distress inks and glue dotted them on. the letters are one of the first titles i cut out of my new Expressions Cricut which arrived on Thursday. it is blue and very very beautiful. We also got the 'Your Story' but have yet to even open up the instruction booklet to see what we need to do to use that.

 this second layout here is the run we did in Saint John in July this year. it is the first of three years we have committed to. it was a 'fun run' through green space in Saint John, NB. It has a bad reputation, Saint John that is, for being smelly and dirty but i have to tell you this was a very scenic wonderful run. So the bib is the actual bib from that day. one is suppose to plant it when the run is done but i always keep my bibs. this one happened to rip and become tattered during this run as it misted for the most of it. Once again, tim Holtz papers.

 And the final layout posting today is a pic of my brother in law, Harrison, he is not quite two. we were over visiting in July and i was able to take a few, okay about 250 photos of him that day and have found it really hard to pic only a few to scrap. i chose this one as it is totally adorable of him. So techniques i used in this one would be the Heidi Swapp ghost letters. i turned them over and painted them with three different paint colours, glimmer misted the white flower and of course, on every layout i do, i used distress ink to mess it up a little tiny bit!

that is it for me tonight. i do hope to hear from you all soon but in the meantime, HAPPY SCRAPPING!!!

Marathon training

Well as any of you know me you know i have been training to do a full marathon in October. Now i have completed many a half marathons and have slowly improved, i have done two halfs and a fun run so far this year.
well today my training had me run my furthest distance yet.. 32 km.. i have to say mentally i was totally prepared and did okay with it but physically it was very very challenging. so now i am left with the question of do i really want to do this marathon. will i be ready to do it in a little over a month. i am so disappointed right now that my body is so tired.  I will have to think long and hard over the next couple of weeks.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

first day in my new scrappy room

and it has been fantastic. i managed to get my challenge done for the girls which will be posted on Monday plus two other special layouts. i will take pictures prolly tomorrow and add them to my gallery.

so i really need to get off to bed soon.. time to put the scrappy stuff away. i am up and out tomorrow morning to do one of my longest training runs yet.. 32 km!!!!! Oh my soul i have to wonder why and then in the next breath i know because i can and then i say but how are you going to do 32km.. and then I say to myself :Self you simply put one foot in front of the other!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

It is offical!!!!!!

The announcement is out and now i can tell EVERYONE that i am a member of the  A PILE OF SCRAP!   inspiration team!!!! i am so freakin excited. i hope everyone enjoys the next six months as much as i know i will.

tonight i have spent the evening in my new scrappy room preparing for my first inspiration challenge out to the group. I can't wait til Monday to reveal it!!! i sure hope i don't disappoint!  you should really check out the talented ladies of the team. you can find the links to their blogs on the left!!!

Happy scrapping everyone!