Sunday, October 31, 2010

SAME - word canvas

so today i feel like i have a million and one things to do.. scrappy and otherwise. it is sunday and one of my favorite things to do on sunday in the cool/colder months is bake!! i made a comment yesterday that i think i prefer baking over scrapbooking and oh my what reactions i heard from that. i just really really enjoy baking. but now on to scrapping.

so for today's Share A Moment/Event i have chosen to complete my second canvas in what i now to believe series. So let's get started
First i started with the basic 8X10 canvas. i painted the back ground a mixture of white and mushroom paint but didn't like it so then i got out my trusty popsicle stick and painted some gesso over the top of it.

so i waited a while to let it dry and then thought i would add a bit of distress ink to it.. well that didn't work so well so then i thought i might try a bit of chalk ink and nope chose the wrong colour and thought now what. so then out came my trusty dusty newly discovered from my current stash of things i just had to have and bought and never used favorite things, my paint dabber. so in keeping with the messy feel i wanted for this canvas i just swiped the paint dabber back and forth across the canvas and it ended up looking okay... but the original chalk paint was still quite prominent. so what next in my stash of goodies could i find to help make it look a bit like i wanted... Glimmermist.. i used the Haunted Shadow seeing as it is Halloween and then ta da!!!! i liked it

So then on to the next step. i have seen it done in a lot of different formats, the whole word on pages thingy. i have seen it on scrappy pages, painted signs people hang on their desks, calendar pages, etc... and i am sure it has been done numerous times on canvas' and i thought i would like one as well. so off to chose some lettering and distress inks and embossing folders.. here is my mumble jumble of words prior to the finished project and a close up of the embossed lettering's. i have had embossing folders forever and just never got around to using them much. i think originally the ones i have were bought for the one you lay your paper on and then use a stylus to emboss.. but i find they work great in a big kick as well.. millions out there prolly already knew this but it is new to me!

once all the glimmermist was dried i put everything in it's place, glued the words all done and then coated the whole project one more time but this time i used my newest glimmermist shade spring violet (remember i mentioned in the last post it has purple in it!). So here it is, my finished project for today..
i hope you get a chance to make something of your own today and share a SAME with me. til next time


Saturday, October 30, 2010


Today there is a sale at APOS! and why you ask. well Luanna one of the co-owners of the store has decided to retire!!!!! So today Alissa is hosting a fairwell to Luanna, wish her the best of luck in re-retiring, kind of sale. So SuzyQ and I of course had to go over and say fairwell and perhaps buy a few things we did!!! I will post more on this and show you some things later. for now i am off to make some homemade Gluten Free donuts and take some back to the store for those donut lovers!!


Friday, October 29, 2010

7 gyspies draw

oh my freakin freak.. you need to drop on over to this site 7gypsies and check it out. i love the stamp collection.. who really now couldn't use one of them. And i have this painters tray except mine is in white. i have been waiting and wondering what the perfect thing would be to put into it.. now i know!!!! love love LOVE the music paper!!! so if you get a chance.. go on over and take a peak.. after all it is getting close to the season!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

SAME - ezee pzee and gesso

So i have come up with this idea.. and i so hope it is a new title cause i would hate to have taken the idea from anyone!!!!!... i would like to see all my blog followers and those who sneak a peak (come and join me) Share A Moment /Event

If you have read my blog you will know i have not had a free weekend in a very long time. As this is my first free Sunday i thought this would be the perfect time to post my new adventure. SAME. so this Sunday we are going to be working with a couple of new products (one new to me and one brand new at APOS! ) Gesso and Glimmermist. Along with another one of my newest favorite product Ezee Pzee and some Ranger paint dabbers.
So here are the supplies i used:
A wooden crate that i have held on to for a few years. it came with a couple of little jars of something or other in it. i just couldn't throw it away!
Ezee Pzee snowflake

and all these cool supplies.
And this is what i did:

first off i painted the inside of the crate with Gesso and then let it dry ( i may or may not have tried to speed it up with my heat tool!) I used a popsicle stick to spread it around. i suppose one could and prolly should use a paint brush but that would have meant i would have had to gone downstairs to find one and i just didn't want to. so stick it was. i spread out a somewhat even layer and then made peaks and such just buy gather and smooching the gesso around with the stick.

next i got out one of my newer purchases from A PILE OF SCRAP! my 1oz container package of Glimmermist "winter wishes" and sprayed a layer of Spring Violet followed by Frost. i loved how when i sprayed the Spring Violet it seemed to be a wonderful mix of blue and purple sprays. LOVE IT!!!. and the frost was a perfect coat filling in delicate blues.

 my next step was to take out some Tim Tissue Tape and cover the outside of the crate. once i completed that i sprayed the whole crate with Moonlight. i was so liking how this was turning out. i am a fly by the seat of my pants when it comes to 'creating'. i have discovered however that glimmermist takes a while to dry when applied to tissue tape so in the meantime i thought i would decorate that ezee pzee snowflake. so for the snow flake i took out my old and yet to be used paint dabbers and applied a coat of black willy nilly followed by my heat tool and then a coat of silver and it too followed by my heat tool. next i sprayed it with the final bottle of glimmermist in that wonderful kit, Glacier!! i was in love!
though it is hard to tell by this picture it is so very glimmery with the silver and then followed by the glacier!!!
so then i got out my trusty pokey thingy tool and poked a hole into one of the tips of the snow flake and threaded a jump ring through the hole. added another one, put a staple into the top of the crate. i added a touch of the silver dabber all along the outside edges of the crate and folks, this is what i ended up with 

i hope you all enjoyed my Moment. i am off to buy a battery operated tea light... til next time


Saturday, October 23, 2010

update again!!!

so .. it seems that the little gift that was in my Tim package may have come to me in a round about way. you see my sweet son had contacted Tim directly and was corresponding with him regarding ordering a little early Christmas present for me!!! (he sent me the emails so i can of course scrapbook them. he is well trained!!)
so my little brown Tim Holtz trunk is actually a gift my son requested of Mr. Holtz to make for me. i have no idea how i managed to get such a gift in my son. i treasure him each and everyday. he makes me strive to be healthy and fit and to live a very very long life

how can any month in the rest of my life ever top this October!!!!!

Yet another TIM update

 well, if you folks will remember in my Tim stalking adventure post there was a picture of a woman wearing a hoodie that i said i had to have.. well look what arrived in the mail yesterday!!! I WAS SO VERY EXCITED!!!!! i could hardly wait to get home to go to the post office. they had been at my house at 1:22 in the afternoon (obviously!) to deliver and i was so worried that i wouldn't be able to get it till today but nope. pick up was after 5:00. i hardly gave Suzanne time to eat as i wanted to go right away. So we get there to pick up and she goes off to sobey's to pick up some grocery whilst i go in and pick up my parcel. i get it and head to the car. once in the car i could hardly wait to open it and put on my sweater. So i key open the tape and start unfolding my sweater and WHAT wait a minute .. what is this ??? a little brown suitcase.. oh my freakin freak!!! i started shaking and crying. i couldn't imagine what it would be besides a Tim find.. so i open it up and look what is inside

now really how could my month get any better then this!!! a handmade Tim Holtz album just for me!!! 
Thanks to all the ladies at the store last night, cause you know that is the first place i headed to, who shared in with my excitement!!! you got to touch the album that THE Tim Holtz made!!!!!  I sent an email off to my BFF last night thanking them both for making my day.  I now need to prepare a personalized thank you card to send off to Arizona!!!!

lots and lots of updates

so first off i should really finish telling my tale of my marathon. if i repeat myself a bit i so apologize.

so as i said, it rained and was so very windy that whole day. the gun went off and we started running. i started as the last person to cross the start line.. i love the sound of all those 'beeps' ahead of me. amazing the amount of dedicated persons that decided to run the marathon regardless of the weather. amazing
so off i went running by myself. i kept saying, walk diana or your knees will give out on you before you are half way through but it was so wet and so cold and so windy i just wanted to finish as fast as i could.. then i felt my knee so i slowed down. i wasn't totally alone as there was a girl running the first leg of the team race. she had never run out side, only trained on a tread mill and had never run this far before she said. i asked how far are you running.. she was running 6.5km.. good for her. i stopped and congratulated her and then off i went.
my first water stop suzanne met me and i was teary and complaining.. it was wet and cold and i was discouraged. though the scenery is so beautiful along Brackely Beach and the wave were amazing it still was a hard time. so i walked along the road for about 12 km and met suzanne i think 3 times along the route.. she was out in the rain many a times waiting with her camera to take pics of me. i think it was at the second stop that she told me john was on the bridge and would be here soon. i was so pleased to hear that. so off i was going again. i think it was at that point that i was trying really really hard not to get mad at the sweeper truck. it was driving me crazy that he had to drive so very slow waiting for me to walk.. but then i got myself around that thinking that is his job. i was given 6 hours to finish this run and i was going to take that time. now mind you he was so very respectful.. stay a great distance behind me.

any way i will try to speed this up some. my next stop.. look who i see in the distance. John and Lau!!!! i am such a very very lucky mom.. i can't believe that he would make the trip to come and see his mom run a marathon and i was tickled that Lau agreed to come as well. She is a very sweet young lady. Monkey says he wouldn't miss it for anything. i saw them in the distance and started running and crying which causes it so i can't breath.. i so didn't want to use my puffer, especially in front of them as they would all worry about me. it was so very nice to see them.. john had a chocolate milk for me and lau had a fruit to go bar.. such sweet kids.. okay, young people.  i couldn't stop really as i was going at a good pace and i know if i slow that is it. so i kept trudging away. i don't know for sure when i saw them next. it was still on the trail system i believe. it was nice seeing them each and every time. but it was soon time to make my mind do the journey as well as my body. i popped a couple of advil (don't tell my wife!) and kept going. my leg was giving out on me.

it was  very long journey it really was. a full marathon is more than two half marathons if that makes any sense. i was physically okay for the most part but mentally, yes i was okay, but i so badly wanted it to stop raining even for a little bit. i even prayed to my mom, which made me cry. i knew there was nothing she could do for me but i so hoped. instead she sent me some happy thoughts. honestly i know it sounds crazy but it was about that point that i started to see birds flitting all around.. honestly i felt like Snow White in the forest. it gave me quite a laugh.  so i trudge through and it wasn't long , whatever it was forever, and i was back out on the road again. i thought,well i am at the road and then it will be the airport and then sears and then the university and then the finish line.. how far can that be really!!!   i saw the family at this one final stop and passed off my ipod.. it wouldn't cooperate with me and was so frustrating me..and i was able to finally take off my rain coat as the rain FINALLY stopped.
From that point it it truly was a mental / physical game. i was wet and tired.. i prolly say that a lot but I was! just up this hill and cross over and go down the next street they said. well let me tell you .. down meant down the hill and let me tell you about going down that hill... my left leg totally seized about half way down. it was a total cramp.., PAINFUL!!!! i kind of freaked cause i thought how am i going to work through this thing .. i can't end it now. i need to keep going. i miraculously was able to work it out and continued down the hill. at the bottom of the hill was a water station and there was a volunteer there and she asked me if i wanted some company ( i figured she must of felt bad for me cause i was last). i said sure. picture this. rain coat on and rubber boots and this woman was going to run with me. so we chatted and she said so what is your goal. and i said to finish and she said that was an excellent goal. i said i know i am going to be last and i don't care. She said she ran it last year and she was last .. i said you are the 6:17 girl!!!! anyway she wished me luck and off i went.
i tried a few times to run but kept cramping so gave up. the people on the route were amazing truly amazing. i would apologize for making them wait in the rain and they would tell me hey you are running a marathon. (Which makes me side track to little story. Suzanne was at one of the first water stations waiting for me and saw that the volunteers were throwing out the water and Gatorade. she went over to let them know that someone was still on the course. you see one of her fears is by the time i got to a station there would be nothing left for me! They told her Oh we know there is someone. don't worry we are saving some for her! my dear sweet protective wife) So back to the story. i am crossing over the road again and i ask is this the last cross am i finally on the straight stretch and they said yes.. it is straight from here! YAHOO!!! BUT then you see i realized that meant two more hills to climb.. ouchers!!!! how am i going to do that. i made it up the first one with great difficulty. my legs so very much wanted to cramp on me. i thought please don't do this. i think monkey may be at the top and you don't want him to see that. so i slowed down a bit.. after all finishing is what i wanted to do and my pace was still really good. mind you i had stopped looking at my watch as it was tied to my waist and every time i lifted my jacket to see my watch my bib was getting distressed and i figured it was perfectly distressed already.. it didn't need more (scrapbooker i am always) Well i made it up that hill and the whole time i was telling myself there really isn't another hill.. even though i knew there was.
so for the most part things are a blur. i was at this point on my feet for 5 1/2 hours with nothing to eat except half an orange, a nut/fruit bar from Starbucks and a little bag of jelly beans.. oh yes and three squares of chocolate. so i managed the next hill and knew i was so very close to the finish line. so at about 3km to go i was approaching my last water station and who did i see but that volunteer from way back when remember. she asked again if i wanted some company i said sure. we chatted and i told her about not being able to run but that i knew i could make it. She said she knew i could run let's give it a try. and we did and though it was difficult she had me running sprints.. 4 pylons run, 4 pylons walk. and then it was two telephone polls run, two polls walk. That woman ran with me right to the end. Her name is Jo and she is amazing. i will never forget how she got me to that finish line. i had seen up ahead Suzanne and then John and then Lau. it was an amazing time that last few kilometers. Suzanne was told she need to get her butt moving if she wanted to be at the finish line by Jo if she wanted pictures cause i was bringing it home!  and then there it was. the finish line. i was crying but trying not to as i wanted to be able to finish and if i cried i couldn't breath.. what an amazing journey. i remember saying i can't believe it . i have just ran a marathon.. i can't believe it. i did it!!!

So what next.. i need to scrapbook this adventure.. i am thinking it might take a whole album!!!!!!


Friday, October 22, 2010


life has been crazy busy it seems since Monday. i have so much to catch up on yet was taking the time to recover though i do know i need to take some time this weekend and finish writing my MARATHON story!!

just a quick up date on this week. i finished up and passed in my cards for the card swap we are having. i will post pics later. I started to do a bit of altered art for the design team reveal and last night made a couple of beautiful cards.

this weekend is a stay at home weekend.. i am so very excited over that!!! we will be running the roads a bit but a least it will be local running.  so until later on this weekend....


Monday, October 18, 2010


I am warning you now this is a long post as well as i will prolly talk about it for days, okay weeks, to come!

so on Saturday night we layed low and as i said before spent a bit of time visiting family. then back to the hotel room to prepare for the big day. I felt like a little kid preparing for my first day of school. I laid out everything in preparation for the early morning. it looks like a lot but everything was needed for the next morning and i didn't realize at the time one more important item. so if you can see into the pile there is an important piece there. it is my pace band.. one for 6:00:00 my stretch goal and one for 6:17:00 the ultimate goal; the one i figured i could do based on previous runs. and on the back of my stretch band was my friends/family pics. those who wished me well and those who i just knew wanted to be at the finish line with me.
so off to bed i went.. early like around 11:30. i knew that 6:00am was going to come fast. and boy did it NOT.... we were so unable to sleep.. i may have gotten 2 maybe 3 hours tops during the night. and finally morning came with the wake up call (which we were already up) and then the knock on the door .. security with our morning pot of coffee! it was then time to get ready.
i was hardly awake and already getting dressed. the day before i had pick up this really cool pink shirt and on the back it says 'irunlikeagirl'. i loved it. i also bought the beanie!!!!  a quick look outside and i saw it wasn't beanie weather at all!!! We drank our coffee and i made my breakfast.. bagel, cream cheese and banana.. now normally i love this breakfast but i usually don't eat until i am up for at least an hour and a pot of coffee later. so i tried to eat it but just couldn't. then it was time for the traditional 'this is what we look like before we head out for a run' photo.
so we get outside and this is what i was talking about earlier.. it was raining raining raining and windy windy windy!!! and only 8 degrees according to Daisy!
i thought please let it stop before the run starts.. PLEASE!! but nope it didn't. we sat in our vehicle til the very last minute before i had to go line up to use the facilities and get ready for the run

to be continued....


Sunday, October 17, 2010

I am a marathoner!!

what a day!! i don't have any pictures and i don't have the energy really to post the whole story but i have to tell you it was an amazing day! i can't wait to tell you all about it. i got through a lot of the pain thinking how am i going to do this day justice via scrapbook style.....


Saturday, October 16, 2010

only hours left

well what a weekend so far. We drove to Moncton last  night through that crazy wind/rain storm. it was a long long trip. we were so relieved to get there and get settled. they upgraded us to the signature club suite which meant free assess to the lounge; oh americano's here we come!!!.
so this morning we were up bright and early as we had went to bed early. went for breakfast in the lounge and yup more free americano's.
Heading to the island was nice and it seemed there was a mix up so we were unable to get the jacuzzi suite but they gave us the home suite and 50% off at the restaurant for our entire stay!!! We had a nice lunch down stairs as the chef was able to provide me a turkey club and the most delicious salad ever. we chit chatted with the waitress and told her i was here to do the marathon. she was very supportive and excited for me. off we went to pick up my kit.. i forgot the camera but it was a good time at the centre. now i have participated in a lot of half marathons but it seemed that doing the marathon puts me into some kind of other genre of people. they were so supportive and talkative and welcoming and cheered me on knowing it was going to be my first one. We were able to pick me up the nicest shirt for my run tomorrow (pictures to follow once i post about the run). off we went to do a bit of shopping and we stopped into aunt carols to visit a bit.
so we ventured back to the delta for dinner as it was such a pleasant visit there at lunch time. when we came back to the hotel and brought up stuff to our wonderful room there was such a pleasant surprise waiting for us.  a really nice treat and a wonderful note card from the waitress this morning wishing me good run.. good luck. isn't that the sweetest thing you have ever heard. i will try to post a pic later as it isn't allowing me right now.(IT NOW HAS LET ME)
so now it is time to prepare for morning. coffee is ordered, clothes are all laid out and the wine is almost gone. bed will be calling soon. here is to a good nights rest.
i hope i get the chance to post tomorrow what a truly wonderful moment it is crossing the finish line under 6:17:00. til next time


Monday, October 11, 2010

updates on Thanksgiving, running and scrapping

As I had told you all previously we were hosting Thanksgiving at our home this year and it went off without a hitch!! BUT I have to admit it was a close call there for a couple of minutes. First off i had originally planned dinner for just four of us and then I thought I would put the invite out to see if any one else would like to come ... this is how i ended up with 14 people to feed.. it was wonderful. The only ones missing from my side were my two brothers Darren and Mike and their families and once niece and her family. Maybe next time we will have the whole lot of them.. that would be fantastic. I would show you more pictures here but as most of you already know it won't be long and i should have them scrapbooked right! So what were the mishaps you may ask well, I had originally had it in my head that the ham i bought only needed to be heated for 20-25 minutes so no worries right.. well about an hour and a half prior to dinner being scheduled to be served i realized it was 20-25 minutes PER POUND!!!! and it was 9 pounds!!! and the second mishap was when i took the extra tray of dressing out of the oven I dropped the whole thing on the floor BUT right side up!!!!!  Someone was definitely looking over me today.. thank you!

So the next thing i wanted to share with you all is that did you know it is only 6 more sleeps til i do my FULL MARATHON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and now on to scrapping. Over at A PILE OF SCRAP! i took on the 'My Journey' trek with a few of the ladies. We have completed 5 layouts as of today (Alissa the owner of APOS!) was kind enough to give us the last two days to play catch up .... not sure about today ... and so i have managed to do so. here is day one!  It is funny how most of us throw away photo's that don't turn out 'just right' but i just couldn't throw this one away.. this is a picture of me the morning of my Tim Holtz Stalking Event!! So i chose to do my journalling right on the picture!!!!  I LOVE how it turned out! oh I can't help but let you know that Mario sent me an email and said check out Tim's video on his blog today (and i was just doing that when he sent me the email) and oh my check out the shameless chick at about 3:17 in this video Tim and Me!! and okay maybe a few other people are in it too I guess!!

I am not posting any more layouts here today but just wanted to let you all know i will be doing a tutorial soon on how to make some really cool embellishments with a coffee filter and a bit of Tim! Okay not Tim really but Tim product!!

I have to run along and make some Christmas Cards for the swap we are all doing on the forum. so until next time


Sunday, October 10, 2010

10 on 10 on 10

What a day huh! the 10th day of the 10th month in the year 2010. This is going to be a very special day with lots of happenings i am sure. I am even having 10 guests today! take lots of pics today folks!!! document today!

So let's get started. First off i just posted my inspiration challenge over at APOS!  This month i chose to challenge the forum group to make a clock. I am so hoping to have the time in November to make my own. I had made one years ago but really as you can see it isn't quite my style. i started taking it apart and glimmermisted it a bit but really i am thinking i want to do a totally different style and perhaps even a square just to be different!

so i was up this morning and was able to finish up my Mamarazzi layout submission for Canadian Scrapbookers. i am quite pleased how it turned out.  i used the new Basic Grey Line which i totally love!!!

so now it is time for me to start getting ready for the big day. i have my family coming for dinner today. i had spent the day yesterday baking; i made 2 lemon pies, one of which is for monkey!!!, a pumpkin pie, queen elizabeth cake and some pumpkin chocolate chip muffins!!!! totally yummy!!!

so for now i am off to get the rest of the house cleaned and then prepare for putting the turkey and ham into the oven. i am so hoping to sneak in a bit of scrapbooking as well. i am a little, okay a lot, behind on doing up "My Journey" pages.


Thursday, October 7, 2010


WOW my second post in one day. i am having my mother in law over for a few days (that is a good thing! she is a good mother in law) and so i need to clean up my crafty space and i thought i would up date you to what it looks like. i had shown previously the before and said i would post afters once it is finished. i have realized it will never be finished! so here are a few of what it looks like now
it is still very very messy and needs a lot of work and i have so many ideas but yet just as many projects on the go.  i believe once October is over i will have a bit more time to put down onto paper all my wonderful ideas. as much as i so enjoy doing layouts i have the urge to make or do projects. i have completed one project on canvas and am half done another which i want to hang as well and i simply can't wait to do it. and if you notice leaning on the floor the pic of the womans face, well as said before i still have wonderful plans for that. and i have a brilliant idea for a canvas for my upcoming monumental moment of completing a marathon. And yet another project i want to attempt, a clock for my room. so many things i want to do and seems like no time to do them.

so tonight for instance what have i done. as you may know i was originally only having my son for dinner so it would have been three then i had the brilliant idea to invite my family so now we are at 10. well there is a bit more planning to 10 than 3. Turkey is ordered and ham is bought. tonight i made a batch of cranberries and i have also made a batch of Lady Ashburn pickles. BUT it can't all be about the weekend.. a girl needs chocolate sometimes right. So tonight amongst everything else i proceeded to make a chocolate banana snacking cake only to realize i didn't have cocoa but do you know what i did have...  i truly am a Starbucks girl don'tcha think!

on that note folks it is time for me to sign out for the evening. and i am going to leave you with one thought and one pic.... meant to let you know why it is important to be careful if you are sitting on a ball with a pair of scissors

so til next time


so exciting!!!

Well people's I have not yet come down from my high of meeting THE Tim Holtz!!! I am flying high up on the white spun sugar clouds!!!

i have decided to make yet another leap in my lovely little life but can't quite share with you until well, until i am all set to go!

For now i am down to 10 more sleeps until my MARATHON!!!! I am quite excited over this. Can you imagine.. i couldn't.. it has been a LONG busy few months with the training it takes. Mind you I am not fast but i will finish and the sweeper bike will be there with me i am sure!!

Tonight i am putting together my inspiration challenge for APOS! which is due on Sunday. you should hop on over there and check out some of the challenges the lovely inspiration team has put together.  Also tonight i need to get my butt in gear and get the house cleaned and the groceries bought to prepare my Thanksgiving Dinner we are hosting this year for the first time!!!!

until later ladies (and gents!)


Monday, October 4, 2010

Tim Holtz

We have had yet another wonderful weekend!

We had driven to Moncton on Saturday afternoon to do the Run for the Cure on Sunday there. i enjoy taking part in such events as it makes me realize just how unimportant the every day niggly things are. I am healthy and happy and that is truly all that should matter in life. My world is good and i am always conscience of that fact. Life is too short to not enjoy.
 Speaking of enjoying life... what an unbelievable morning i have had. i got to met THE Tim Holtz. . my morning started out with very little sleep.. i am the type of person that doesn't show excitement because i can't stand the disappointment that comes if what i really really want doesn't happen.  I had decided that i would head to the dock around 10ish cause really who is going to get off the boat at 7:00 in the morning to do what? This is me leaving the room and this is the view i seen from the elevator area!!

Well SuzQ had me up and out and on my bench just before breakfast no coffee no nothing. You see she has a bit of experience herself on stalking so she set me straight.. so there on the bench i waited and waited and waited. She left me there while she went back to Starbucks for a morning americano for me.  There were a lot of people coming and going and i could pretty much tell who the scrappers were and who weren't. i had casually mentioned to one of the cruise ship ladies that i would be there all day as i was waiting to get a pic of Tim Holtz... can you believe she didn't know who Tim Holtz was.. like HELLOOOOO!!!!  There were however a couple of ladies who were so kind to stop and show me pics of some of the things they were doing with Tim and as always.. amazing stuff. And take a look at this woman's sweater..oh how i want one of these!!

so we are sitting and waiting and suzanne says what are you going to do about using the bathroom. you can't sit here all day. i am figuring yes i can if i have to.. after all it is Tim Holtz i am waiting for and oh my goodness... but look at this!!

i truly wish i could describe exactly how it was to see him coming down the street towards me. i was so VERY excited. it is truly one of the most pleasant 'strangers' i have ever met.

i called out to him and .. well i can't even really tell you what i said to the poor man. he must think me some crazed lunatic really!!  i wish i could have video taped it so i can play it over again but then wait a minute maybe not!

i know i did tell him how fantastic he was and how i am one of his biggest fans. He was so cute saying 'i wish i had know you were waiting out here i would have come out earlier.  i let him know i would have waited ALL day for him and i truly was prepared to do so.

 i gushed i am sure for a bit and then asked if he would mind signing my book for me and he said oh but of course. he asked my name and i told him and he said now is that spelled diana .,.. i can't believe he just knew how to spell it.  i have a signed copy of his book A Compendium of Curiosities!!!  OH MY FREAKIN FREAK!!!

I really truly didn't want to intrude too much on he and his teams time but the pictures kept being snapped by not only suzyq but mario as well.  Mario is just as cute in person as his profile shows. A really great smile has he.  i was so tickled that he agree to have his pic taken with me as well. And i felt bad after they left i should have asked for a group shot but really i am lucky to get pics of the two guys.  i should be too greedy. 

TIM HOLTZ thank you very much for allowing me to take some pics of you today. i am looking forward to HOPEFULLY the cruise in the fall... 
PS.. please have those wonderful sweaters again!!!